Friday, March 13, 2009

Swimming in the Living Room

Can you tell that Kayley is ready for summer?
She likes it when I throw a blanket or sheet on the floor...she pretends it is her "swimming pool." It was causing a couple problems because I would turn around and she would have stripped down naked... I guess she wanted to skinny dip?
Anyway, I patiently explained to her that she needs to wear a swimming suit to go play in swimming pools, so now I just put a swim suit in her dress up trunk so she can "go swimming" whenever she wants to.

We took swimming lessons last year and I think she is ready to start again. We didn't do our swimming lessons last year until May or so, but maybe we'll start in April this year instead. Kayley seems really anxious to hit the pool...hahaha..
Here she is swimming laps in the living room.

Thank goodness this pool has a lifeguard... It will keep Kayley safe in the water...

Anyway, I felt so sorry for her that a couple days ago we got out her inflatable pool and filled it with air so she could "swim" in a real pool. It is still too chilly to put water in it and go outside, but she has a fun time pretending inside.


Krystin said...

I like the last picture of her best.
She's such a little cheeser!
The sheet "swimming pool" is a cute idea. I'll have to remember that one for the future.

The Pollocks! said...

What a fabulous idea! The lifeguard is just too cute! We've also been know to fill up the tub and actually go swimming in the middle of the winter. Drop in a couple drops of blue food coloring and it looks like a pool!