Monday, March 9, 2009

House Cleaning Adventures - Take 2!

This posting is special for my Mom. When she looked at pictures of our last housecleaning day she said, "I don't see any 'housecleaning' happening there..." She is skeptical of how much cleaning actually happens on our housecleaning day... So, here is some proof.

I will tell you, Kayley LOVES helping me clean house... Here she is cleaning her handprints off the patio door.

We cleaned Kayley's potty.

Sweeping the kitchen...

"Swiffering the floor..."

Laundry. Kayley is putting wet clothes in the dryer.


Danny and Sherry said...

What a great little worker she is, too bad it won't last forever, some how theit eagerness fades away as they grow older and more capable. :) Love the video clips, she is too cute!!!

Krystin said...

I loved helping my mom put the wet clothes into the dryer as a kid. We had a dryer door that opened differently though, so that there was a "shelf" that my mom could drop the clothes onto, and we would shove the pile with both hands into the dryer.
I also loved unloading the dryer and warming up under all those clothes as I piled them on top of me while I sat in the basket.