Saturday, March 21, 2009

Festival of the West

Today we went and checked out Scottsdale's Festival of the West. It was really pretty neat. Kind of like Renaissance Festival only West instead of Renaissance. If that makes sense? Anyway, part of it was in a really big hangar-sized tent and I didn't really get any pics inside. Another part of it was outside. They had chuck-wagon cookoffs, vendors and all kinds of other displays.

This poor guy, who looks suspiciously like Colonel Sanders, took an arrow though the top of his head. Poor poor man.

A nice gentleman at a Log Home booth thought Kayley was pretty cute and gave her a "Wally-pop". This kept her happy for a really long time.

Here we are! I actually tipped over and skinned my arm on the wall during this little photo shoot. Ouch! Kayley too this photo...

We petted this ginormous horse. I mean, that is a big horse!

And then Kayley got to ride some mini-ponies. Her first time, she thought it was neat!

On Daddy's shoulders.

I handed her the Wallypop up there. Daddy's head got all sticky. (hehehe) It's like that time he gave her an ice cream cone while I carried her in the back-pack carrier...

A tipi!

Barrel Racing.

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Krystin said...

Uh-oh, now you're asking for it.
I'll bet the #1 (or #2) thing on Kayley's first Christmas wish list that she asks for is a pony.
Better watch out!

Looks like it was a fun festival to go to. Did you bring home any souvenirs?