Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cookin' with Rice

Thanks to Gramma's creativity! We came up with this idea to create Kayley her own little "stovetop"for cooking. I used a small cardboard flat that had chicken noodle soup on it and drew a couple of "hot"burners, a timer and a few "knobs"for turning. I gave Kayley a small cup of rice and away she went. She played with this little stovetop all afternoon... (And yes, the rice is everywhere.) I kept telling her to "pretend"eat it, but every so often she'd wander over and tell me she needed to spit out some rice... So, her rice eventually became pretty soggy. =)

Enjoy the videos. You have to love the way she "taps"her spices into the pan...and I really don't "scrape"my eggs like that...not sure where she learned that one. haha.


Amy N said...

Your house is fun. I want to come play!

Melissa and Geoff said...

So as I was saying, great fine motor skills for her age. Tapping spices!

Jen said...

Hi guys! Remember us?! We've been technologically challenged recently, with no computer (ours was in the shop for about 2 months), but I'm finally able to check out your blog! Kayley is adorable! It's so great to get a little peak into your lives. We miss you guys and appreciate you keeping in touch.

Your adoption profile looks great, too. We'll keep you in our prayers. :)

Jen said...

By the way, this is Jen Hendricks, in case you didn't know. :) (It's a curse that comes with having a name like Jen!)

Krystin said...

Tapping the spices into her cooking pan was my favorite part.