Sunday, February 22, 2009

Linger Longer

Today we stayed after Church for the Linger Longer. I actually don't enjoy them because this is what the kids do the entire time. They just run around screaming and pushing. If nobody goes home bleeding or with a big knot on their head I guess it was considered a successful ward activity. Ditto on the ward parties... The kids do the same thing. Not my favorite activities.


The Pollocks! said...

Ooooo - I could totally go on and on about how little I enjoy ward functions for those same exact reasons. Drives. Me. Crazy! Especially when we've carefully instructed our children to NOT do that - but really, when everyone else is doing it. . .can you really stop them? yuk

ps - I get my hair ideas from a couple blogs on my side bar - check 'em out - they're cute! (And I used to bring books, dollies, etc. . .to the bathroom counter to make them sit for longer until I got faster and they got used to it. Spray gel and baby combs and brushes are our friends!)

Krystin said...

I agree wholeheartedly!
The "family ward" in my stake has a linger-longer/family ward policy.
In the multipurpose room they have 3 adults at all times with three activities.
There's also a "time-out" center with a gate.
The adults rotate so that they have at least some time to participate in the ward/linger-longer activities themselves. But, with a gym that echos just as much as yours they opted for never having activities where the younger kids can run in them. It's just too darn distracting for the parents AND everybody else.
Why waste productive time by having your children screaming and running amok?!

Although I'm not in a "family" ward yet (they kick you out of my ward when you have a kiddo that's 15 mos. or older - no primary or youth programs)I dread being in a ward that doesn't structure their activities to be able to cater to the kiddos in such a manor.
I'm sure I'll feel your pain at some point in life.