Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Feb 3rd is my Moms birthday. I'll never tell how old she is...mainly because I don't remember. But, that is not important right now.
Basically, I wanted to share that my mom is the best Mom in the whole world. And I'm not just saying that! It's true!
Enjoy these photos of my Mom... Happy Birthday Mom (and Grandma) You are THE BEST! We LOVE you!

Me & my Mom... We are cute huh?

I had to throw in this picture showing my mothers big bangs.
Those were actually very cool back then. That's me n' my bro sitting with Mom on a rock.

Me and Mom at our Mother/Daughter Disney World trip. Seriously, Mom, WHEN can we do this again? (Of course we can bring Kayley)

Here we are standing in front of Westminster Abbey in London, England.
We have been a lot of cool places...

Mom and Kayley. Kayley was only 6 weeks old in this pic.

She really enjoys being a Grandma and takes her role very seriously by spoiling Kayley silly.

Here we are stuffed into Kayley's inflatable swimming pool. Yeah, don't ask.

Good times.

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Krystin said...

Those sure are some cute pictures of your mom and Kayley.