Friday, February 27, 2009

Flash Back High!

Ok, so I joined FaceBook a couple months back and I have made a lot of connections with friends from High School. To share with them, I uploaded every picture I could find from High School. It was met with a lot of groans and giggles...but I thought I would share some of my favorites that I uploaded on FaceBook... Enjoy!

I'd better add: These photos are all from 1993-1994ish - Bastrop High School, in Bastrop, Texas...and I didn't even make that up. =)

Here we are in a vaudville based on 7Brides for 7Brothers. L to R: Ben, Vrad, Andreas, Ginny, Me, Jolene...

I was in Yearbook my senior year. This is Tammy, our editor...she looks like she is not happy with me... I wonder what I did? I really look like I am trying to explain myself. =)

My awesome Car! Look, I am in my Pizza Hut uniform. I guess I am on my way to work?

We performed Grease my senior year too. I am in the very front with the pink poodle skirt.

Dancing with Casey. He was THE cutest guy in school. Seriously. He was the senior class president AND he asked me to Prom. Really! I have proof!

More dancing... this muscial was a lot of fun to be in.


Me and Buddy posing on railroad tracks. This was a rejected yearbook photo. We were voted "Most Dramatic" our senior year. I bet you are NOT surprised?

I also performed in 7Brides for 7Brothers my Junior year. I am on the right. I played Liza. (We performed "The Trial of Tom Sawyer" my senior year, but I actually DON'T have any pictures. Maybe my parent do?)

Can you find me? I'm standing in the back.

Our "Bride" lineup... I am in the purple skirt.

Junior Prom. Here is the proof. Casey (the cutest, most popular guy in school) DID actually ask me ( a junior) to his senior prom.

Here is my senior prom photo. I asked Chris to go with me. I have to admit that my senior year nobody asked me to prom and I ended up finding my own date. Chris was a sophmore. I had to drive because he was only 15. OH, and his mom hated me. She put my corsage in the freezer and killed the pretty white roses. I wore this ugly dead corsage all evening. We had a good time though... I can't believe how skinny I was back then.

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Krystin said...

I think it's cute that you asked a sophomore to your Senior prom.