Friday, February 20, 2009

Farm, Food & Play!

Today we went to the Farm, Food & Play preschool series offered at the Zoo. We learned about Citrus. There were a lot of various activities for the kids to do. Here Kayley is making a sachet of citrus peel, rosemary, cloves, and cinnamon. It smells awesome!

Here is the finished product!

Playing on the "farm."

Making citrus soap with Miss Hannah....

A "grab bag."

Juicing an orange...

We played on the playground for about 10 minutes while other groups were finishing their activities. I am talking to Kayley through this tube... It was pretty funny.


Riding the cow...

Driving the tractor...

Driving a REAL tractor...

Snack time! We got to try different kinds of citrus fruits with honey.
Kayley is trying grapefruit, she did NOT like it...

The kids made these odd oranges on a stick and we carried them to the monkeys for a snack/toy.

Here is a little monkey enjoying Kayley's treat.

We also stopped to look at the Wallaby's.

And to check out these huge statues. In fact, I had never been to this little part of the zoo before...I didn't even know it was there? It was called the "African Watering Hole" and had a lot of animal statues.

Is that Aslan? No, it is just a lion.

Of course, no zoo day would be complete without a turn on the carousel. Today Kayley chose to ride the dragon! Look at that thing! It is huge!

A self-portrait.... Somehow I didn't get in this photo.

Another self-portrait... I was not in my best self-portrait taking element today for some reason. I also forgot to let Kayley take my picture while we were out... I guess I'll have to let her take 2 next time... oops.

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Krystin said...

Looks like it was a fun day at the zoo!