Monday, February 2, 2009

Family Home Evening....

Tonight for Family Home Evening we learned about Noah's Ark. For fun we took a small tub and told Kayley that it was an Ark and we needed to fill it with as many animals as she could find. She had a blast! Who knew that something so simple could be so fun?

Adding Grover to the Ark.
I'm unclear on whether Grover is technically an animal?
Here comes Curious George!

Looking pretty good...

Adding Elmo to the Ark. Does anybody know what kind of animal Elmo is??

Adding Dumbo to the Ark.

Here is the Ark after it was filled with animals! I'm not sure at what point Mike Wazowski became an animal?

We finished up the evening with a cup of chocolate pudding!


Krystin said...

What a cute lesson!
My mom teaches (or taught) the 7-year-olds in primary, and she used a lot of my stuffed animals for this lesson. We did our best to round up pairs of animals and I think we ended up with at least 10 different species.

The Pollocks! said...

What a great idea! I'm going to copy it. My girls will have a blast! We do a FHE exchange in my ward and we LOVE it. We all make several copies of a FHE lesson that's geared toward little ones and then we pass them out to each other. One good idea turns into 6 complete lessons.