Friday, February 6, 2009

Arizona's Amazing Animals

We went to the Preschool Zoo program today to learn about Arizona's Amazing Animals... Here are some pics for you to enjoy...

Waiting on the bridge...

Stacking some blocks.

Playing in the "prairie dog tunnels."


Learning about the Coati.

Crayon rubbings with Amy.

Our homemade binoculars made birdwatching very exciting...

Do you see any birds yet?

The traditional picture that Kayley takes of Mommy.

There are some hummingbirds!

Learning about scents.

Feeding the prairie dogs.

Our free ride on the carousel... Kayley rode the Zebra!

Our take-home animal today was a Scorpion!

Kayely has a pretty impressive headcold, but we went anyway. She still had a good time, but she wasn't as perky as usual. You can probably tell from the pics that she wasn't hamming up for the camera like she usually does... Hopefully we'll be feeling better soon.


Stephanie said...

I think the stuffed scorpion is the best!! Cute pics!

Krystin said...

Wow, those preschool programs are so cool! They make me totally jealous!