Saturday, February 14, 2009

Arizona Living History - Pioneer Village

Today we decided to take another family trip. We went to the Pioneer Village, Arizona Living History Museum. We picked a good weekend. There was a LOT of stuff going on!

There was civil war reenactments... Troops marching and firing, and we watched a battle for a little while. We were also able to explore their tents n' such.

Here they are firing a cannon! Kayley thought it was too loud! She told me, she didn't like it when they were shooting the "gums" because it was loud like the vacuum.

Kayley had a difficult time keeping up with us. She is such a slowpoke!

Visiting the blacksmith.

Kayley said, "Look! He is hammer-ning!"

Kayley! Quit dragging your feet!!! Come on!

Mine Car...

Kayley in the schoolhouse.

I am cursed everywhere I go. It seems wherever I want to be, is where everybody else wants to be. It is so frustrating. We walked into the schoolhouse and it was empty. Within 1 minute all of these people were in there too. Grrrr. My friend Kim always called it the "Fisch Curse." (Her maiden name was Fisch - pronounced Fish). She passed this curse to is so annoying. Anyway, I have the Fisch Curse now wherever I go... Seriously, look at these people!

The teacher... Kayley was going to sing Twinkle Twinkle for her, but chickened out and ran away at the last minute.

Still walking...this park was HUGE.

Anybody need to use the outhouse?

Thankfully they had these more "modern" outhouses for our use...

Kayley was really pooped but she didn't want to be carried. She walked the whole thing...what a trooper!

When we got to the car she was ZonKeD! A funny thing, for those that are really familiar with Kayley and her habits, you will notice she is sucking the WRONG thumb. Funny story - we are trying to discourage the thumb sucking during the daytime and we put a bandaid on her right thumb... Apparently it didn't work, she improvised and sucked on the left instead. I guess we will have to try something else.


The Wyler Family said...
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The Wyler Family said...

Looks like a fun day for you all.

Krystin said...

Maybe it's time for a band-aid on both thumbs. :)