Wednesday, January 14, 2009


After our fun time hanging out with the Stingrays, we went and cashed in our free ticket to ride the carousel. Today, Kayley chose to ride the dolphin!

Afterward, it was cold, so we bundled up and went for a walk around the zoo... Kayley just shoved a handful of juicy-snak into her mouth. Yum! Do you like her new sunglasses?

We wandered over to check out the elephants. I love these mornings when we do the preschool program because we get to start walking around the zoo about 10 minutes before everyone else, so when we got to the elephant observation area, there was nobody there but us! It makes for a great view!

Run run!

Kayley's stingray project...Its eyeballs fell off already.

Kayley thought it was a kite, so I guess the eyeballs weren't really that important anyway.

Kayley took this picture of me. I look tired and not nearly as cute as Kayley, but I have a really good excuse - I do! There was not enough hot water for both James and I to take a shower this morning, so since he had to go to work and I was just going to go hang out with fishy smelling creatures, I was the one who didn't take a shower. You guessed it, my hair is not very pretty under that hat... And there is something about a shower that wakes me up in the morning...when I don't get my morning shower I have a hard time getting going... Anyway, excuses, excuses!


Bre said...

I would have never guessed! You look really cute in a hat!

Krystin said...

I agree with Bre.
Sounds like mornings with Jay and I too... :)