Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome 2009... Resolution Time (again!!??)

I can hardly believe that another year has gone by! It sees like I just got used to writing 2008 and it is already time to write 2009! I haven't had much to blog about, we spent a quiet New Years at home. Kayley stayed up until 9pm! By 11:30 James and I were just waiting for midnight so we could go to bed too. I'm afraid we are getting old. =)

I am not one for setting New Years Resolutions anymore. I find that they frustrate me since I lose momentum by February. So, I decided that I wasn't going to resolve to lose 20 pounds or run a 5K. Although I need to lose about 20 pounds and it would be neat to run a 5k.

Instead I set some Goals, (which I guess ARE resolutions after all - but they don't sound as "final" or threatening), that I will work on throughout the year. Here are a few:

1. Boycott Walmart - Seriously, I really think Walmart is going to take over America. I have decided that I can no longer support Walmart and will be taking my business elsewhere in 2009. I know that Walmart probably won't miss my business, but it is something that I feel prompted to do. I am officially Anti-Walmart. (That means Sam's Club too!)

2. Magnify my church calling - Ok, so this will be news to a lot of people, but I just received a new calling last Sunday. GULP! Gospel Doctrine teacher! For me, this has to be the scariest calling in the church. I thought this calling was given to old men and women who have been in the church for a very long time, or return missionaries - certainly not to a convert of only 8 years with limited church experience. I can't imagine why this calling would be asked of me, but I want to do my best to do what the Lord (and Bishop) has asked me to do.

3. I really do want to lose those annoying 20 pounds. Since the holidays I think I may need to lose closer to 25 pounds. I was frustrated when I tried to dress for church yesterday and realized that only 2 of my 6 skirts fit comfortabely! Oh dear...Time to stop celebrating and get busy. I really hate dieting, (don't we all), but I really want to be more a more fit and healthy example to my daughter so I really need to stop indulging so frequently. I have decided to join Weight Watchers again. For those of you who know me well, you will realize this is the 3rd (maybe 4th) time I've done Weight Watchers... But, hey! This time I mean it!

4. Ok, so I really don't want to set a goal to Run a 5K, although that would be SO cool. I have a lot of friends who trained last year to run 1/2 marathons and James and I both marveled at how they did it. One of my friends trained with her husband, while pushing 2 babies in a double jogger! I feel so lazy! So, like I mentioned, NO, I am not setting a goal to Run 5K, BUT, I am setting a goal to walk a 5K. I'll let you know as soon as I've signed up for one. Kayley and I have already started "training." I've mapped out several walks in the area using a mapping program called, "" Check it out, it is really, really cool.

5. This is one of the most important things I want to work on this year. I want to work on being more humble and repentent. I would like to draw closer to my Father in Heaven and to do that I need to be more serious about studying scriptures, sincere prayer, and treating others kindly. As a family I want to work more diligently on making sure we have Family Home Evening each week (even when Daddy is not home). I want to be a better visiting teacher and I want to make more effort to fellowship others in our ward. I want to be stronger in standing up for myself, my faith and my beliefs instead of living a life of anonymity in my family and neighborhoods. Overall, I want to be a better daughter of God.

6. I have to throw this one here - Potty train Kayley. =)

So, there you have it. You are definately good friends if you are still reading right now. So, to reward you, I have posted some awesome pics from January 2008 so you can see how much our cute Kayley has grown since last year!


Krystin said...

The blue dress on Kayley was absolutely adorable!
I hadn't seen that picture before.

The lesson in my Grandmother's relief society this past Sunday (well... yesterday) was about goal-setting, so you hit on a note that has been strummed already for me. Scripture study/FHE is on my list of goals this year as well.

I usually only 'resolve' to have one New Year's Resolution (of which I know I can actually attain by the end of the year, but still requires constant attention throughout it).
My resolution last year was to quit drinking soda pop and/or anything with caffeine in it. I didn't keep this last year due to making the resolution with 2 exceptions: Toasting the New Year and my anniversary with my husband with Martinelli's.
I did make it 6 months (January 2nd through May 31st), but having soda again mid-year made me crave that refreshing feeling of drinking bubbles. *sighs* Not this year... Jay and I toasted the Old Year an hour or so before midnight. And I won't be drinking any soda for the rest of the year (and probably into the next).
It seems water and lemonade will be my two new/old friends when we go out to eat from here on out (considering nothing else is offered that is diet at restaurants now-a-days, with maybe the exception of milk).

Ok... my comment is getting pretty long now so I'll cut myself off now.
Good luck with your 2009 goals!

The O'Quinns said...

I love your pictures of Kayley. She is so cute. I am very impressed with your goals. Much better than anything I have come up with. :) I hope your family has a GREAT year and I hope you reach all your "goals" :)