Friday, January 30, 2009

Visiting our Friends...

Today we were able to go and visit with one of my good friends, Brookly. I was excited to reconnect with her (it had been almost 2 years!) and to see how much her twins have grown and to meet her baby, Brolin for the first time. Here I am with Stryder, Brolin and Kayley. (Yes, she is still wearing that tiara). Brookly has always been a great friend, when Kayley was born she threw me a baby shower and as an adoptive Mom herself, we have a LOT of things to talk about. She is such a good, patient Mom and her kids are so well behaved that I really love to hang around with her. She is a good example to me.

Kayley enjoyed playing with Saylor. They had a lot in common!
(yes, Saylor is dressed like Cinderella). Kayley had a great time playing with Stryder too. He had a pretty big collection of Lightening McQueen toys, which Kayley LOVES.
Well, overall we had an awesome time! Kayley made a big mess with toys & crackers and then we had to go so we left poor Brookly with a disaster to clean up. Thanks Brookly for having us over! We love you!


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It was so fun! Lets do it again soon!