Thursday, December 4, 2008

Disneyland 2008

Ok, so this opportunity to go to Disneyland was a really big deal. I, personally, have always LOVED Disney. I even worked at the Disney store for 3 years...the closest thing I could get to actually working in the park.

I have been to Disneyworld, but this was my first trip to Disneyland. It holds so much more historical value! To actually be in the places where Walt Disney walked was really exciting for me. Of course, the rides and other attractions are very thrilling too, but I was so excited to just be there. Kayley had a really awesome time. She went 2 full days without taking much of a nap but she was a trooper!

A special thank you to my mom and dad (Grandma and Papa) for helping us go on this trip.

Here we are getting packed and ready to go. We thought it might be cheaper to fly if we could stuff Kayley in a suitcase and check a bag, but in the end we decided to drive. =)

Just kidding...Kayley had a nice time playing in the suitcase.

Papa rented a big van for our trip. This was really cool! It had a ton of room and fit all 5 of us very comfortably.

The drive across the desert was very flat and "bor-ying", as Kayley likes to say it.

But we were excited though!!

Yay! We finally made it to California!!

Still driving.....
Yum...a delicious mid-western, hillbilly snack! PigSkins! Pork Rinds! Whoo-hooo!

We stopped at Hi Jolly Cemetary to see the monument to Hi Jolly.

We also stopped at Joshua Tree National Monument and walked around. Oh, and of course we got a stamp in our book!!

Watch out for rattlesnakes.

Oh, and don't fall down into one of these mines. That would be bad.

Back on the road. Ohhh...we got stuck in traffic...

We passed this windfarm at about 15 miles per hour.

Still stuck in traffic. We were really worried that all of these people might be headed to Disneyland too.

We weren't sure why this guy had a machine gun case strapped to his 4-wheeler?

We drove through Yorba could really see the wild-fire damage here.

Yay! We finally made it to our hotel. This worked out great, it was literally right across the street from the entrance to Disneyland!!
Our room connected with Grandma and Papa's room. Kayley had a fun time running between the two rooms.

They told us you could see the fireworks from the breakfast balcony...but....we couldn't see anything at all due to the fog.

The first night we opted to walk over and scope out Downtown Disney.

Here is Daddy, Papa, Grandma and Kayley taking a picture with a pirate! Arrr!

Here we are posing with Mickey!
They had a lot of fun, live, music playing in Downtown Disney. Kayley and Papa had a fun time dancing to the music.

In the Lego store...that giraffe is totally made out of legos!

That stuff up there was all made out of legos too!

Neat! R2D2 - YES! - made out of Legos!!
Kayley is stabbing grandma with a sword in the lego store.
The next moring we went down to breakfast. We were all sooo excited... This is our first time to Disneyland!

We had to wait in line outside the main gate area and go through a security check.

Here is the few people waiting in line when we got there... It actually got to be very very busy.

Open the gates!!!

Is it open yet????

Big Christmas tree on Main Street!!
We are finally IN!

The firehouse on Mainstreet. Walt Disney's personal apartment was on the 2nd floor of this fire station. I wish we could have gone up there!
Walt Disney walked through that door!!! EEEEEkkk!!!! Soooo coool!!!

Main street. The tobacco store Indian still stands out front where the tobacco store used to be. Can you imagine? Disneyland selling tobacco? There used to be a lingerie store too.
We squished Kayley a penny on mainstreet at the Penny Arcade.

Esmerelda has been on mainstreet since the park opened. She looks good doesn't she? She ate Papa's money and didn't give him his fortune though. Hmmm....
Sleeping Beauty Castle before the park opened. Really cool huh?
Sleeping Beauty castle during our visit.
Did I mention that Walt actually walked here?? EEEk~

One thing we didn't get to ride was Small World. Can you believe the line for Small World was one of the longest in park? Every time we went by it the line was SO long.

We did ride Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Kayley did NOT like it.

Waiting in line to get on Peter Pans flight. That was a cool one.

Kayley liked that one and wanted to go again.
We all rode the carousel. That was fun.

Waiting in another line. I'm not even sure which line we are in.

The Enchanted Tiki Room.

Look! A picture of Walt in the Enchanted Tiki Room... Whoa! EEk! Did I mention? EEEk?
The Jungle Cruise.

Here is Walt surveying the completion of the Jungle Cruise. Must I mention again? Eeek!
Indiana Jones Adventure. This was the big-ticket attraction for me. This ride was sooo cool.

Come on! This is bor-ying!
No more sitting! Let's go!!

We also rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Kayley actually enjoyed that one too.
We rode this one twice. The updated version with Captain Jack Sparrow in it worked really well. I really like how it retained the originality of the ride.

Climing up into the treehouse. This was originally the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse, but it has been updated and is now the Tarzan tree house.

Trashin' the Camp!

Kayley turning the slides on the picture screen.

A view of the Haunted Mansion from the treehouse. You can see a part of Big Thunder Mountain railroad in the back. Unfortunately this attraction was closed for maintenance and we didn't get to ride at all.

We did meet Briar Bear in Frontier Land. Papa thought he was a Hair Bear from the Hair Bear cartoons. Briar Bear didn't appreciate that though seeing as how the Hair Bears are a Hannah Barbera cartoon (i.e. Yogi Bear, etc).

Kayley got his autograph though...and all was well.

We rode the Haunted Mansion holiday. This was really neat. It featured Jack Skellington from the Nightmare before Christmas.
Here we are in Tomorrowland getting ready to ride the Autopia cars. Kayley is looking pretty tired, but you know...she didn't throw a single tantrum? That's impressive for a 2 and a half year old, in my opinion.

We also rode space mountain...which really messed me up for the rest of the day. It is completely dark except for stars...

We also were able to ride the updated version of the 20,000 leagues under the sea ride...It is now the "Nemo Submarine Voyage" ride. It was a little scary for Kayley but pretty cool.

Yup...look! Walt Disney actually stood on this dock! Do I need to mention? Eeek!
Kayley also got the chance to meet Mickey Mouse in Toon Town...
The Next Day!
We went to California Adventure!
Boy...this is a long street. Just kidding... It's all "Forced Perspective" as Papa reminded us...(about 20 times)

Here is Kayley and Papa in a Phone Booth on the backlot.

Hello? Hello? Is Mickey there??

Getting ready to ride the Monsters, Inc. ride.

At Hollywood Studios.

A replica of the Painted Ladies...
The back of my head. I think I have a very nice ponytail. =)

We rode Soarin' Over California. This was so neat. It was a hang-glider simulator. You could really feel the breeze in your face and the spritz the smells into the air.. You could smell the pine trees and the orange groves.
We met Wall-E at the backlot too. Sort of.

Eating an Ice Cream Cone... Boy was that messy.

We rode another carousel on Pardise Pier. In fact I think Kayley rode this about 4 times.

Here are a few of our cool spoils.
We all got our 1st visit pin, plus Kayley got the Honorary Disney Citizen pin, and a tinkerbell pin from a pin trader who thought she was cute. We also got a fast pass card the second day that had pull tabs for several different rides. I tell you, the fast pass thing is AWESOME. NOOOO lines! Whoo hoo...
Woody and Jessie are our tickets to the park and the small paper is a regular fast pass ticket.

Here is one of the coolest things for me. I stumbled upon the not-so-secret entrance to the Private (VIP) Club 33. Suuuhhh-Wheet!

Overall we had SO much fun!!! I want to go back!


Krystin said...

I never realized how much stuff I missed when I visited Disney Land in High School on a choir competition trip. It's too bad you guys had to miss "it's a small world" that one is worth the long line.
I love the architecture of Mainstreet! It was modeled after "Old Town Ft. Collins" in Colorado. I'm an architecture nut though.
We didn't get more than one day total to go to both Disney Land and California Adventure. It would have been nice to spend 2 days and get the chance to see everything there.
Glad you all had fun! I loved reading about it all!
(By the way... did you get to see the parade on Mainstreet while you were in Disney Land at night?)

Kathleen said...

looks like so much fun! Glad you got to go :)