Monday, December 29, 2008

2nd Christmas

We were able to enjoy a 2nd Christmas due to a late arriving package from Gramma and Papa. Here is a short recap.
Kayley got some "chapstick" from Gramma...which actually turned out to be red lip balm. Oops.. Here is Kayley after applying her "chapstick". Well, we thought it was chapstick...

Kayley also got some small barbie dolls that she loaded up in her little school bus. She was taking them for a spin and she was saying, "Hooray! Party bus! Rock on, Sister!"

The best gift of all was this beautiful handmade doll cradle that Papa built for her. It is so beautiful and will be a treasured possession.

Kayley rocked her baby until I was sure her dolly had shaken baby syndrome or at least really bad motion sickness.

Good thing it is sturdy.

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Krystin said...

There was a Christmas many years ago when my two older sisters got two identical hand-made wooden baby cradles. I remember playing with those things well into elementary school. They were awesome!
In fact, I think they both still exist at my mom's house.