Friday, October 31, 2008

Shopping with Mommy n' Grandma

There is so much to see when we go shopping. We opted to go to one of the largest malls in the area. It is huge and there is a LOT to do. Here is Kayley playing with the doggy in the window.
They have a Rainforest Cafe. The food is terrible and expensive, but we split an appetizer 3 ways just for the sake of going inside so Kayley could look around.
We sat right by the elephants. It thunderstormed twice while we were in there. Kayley thought it was very interesting and she just loooked and loooooked and looked.

Afterward we dug in our bags for some quarters so Kayley could ride the machines. We lost a 1.50 in broken ones, but we sat in them anyway and pretended like they were working...
Here is Kayley driving a racecar! Zooom!

As you can tell she had a "blast"!

Look out!

Choo Choooo!

Driving the "Scary Snort!"


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Krystin said...

Her hair sure is getting longer.