Sunday, September 28, 2008

Trader Joe's

We like to go to Trader Joe's because they have these cute little kid-sized shopping carts. Kayley was pushing this cart through the store and she would tell people, "S'cuze me! S'cuze me! S'cuze me dude!" She almost plowed over this poor man and I told him, "oops, sorry!" and she looked at him and said, "Sorry, dude!" It's pretty cute, but maybe I should have taught her Sir and Ma'am instead?

Yummm...we should get some of these!

Kayley enjoyed putting things in her cart.

"Ewww! Yuck~!"

Did you see the calories on this thing???


Bre said...

Oh, that shirt reminds me of the South. All the little girls where smocked stuff like that. What an angel.

Krystin said...

LOL! I can only imagine the "scuze me dude!" That's just too darn cute!

Kathleen said...

So CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!