Monday, August 11, 2008

Kayley's Flower Girl Debut!!

We drove to Colorado Springs this past weekend to see my sister-in-law Mary get married! It was a crazy whirlwind trip, but it was a ton of fun. Kayley served as a flower girl, and she was positively adorable (of course).

We had traveled 2 long days in the car leading up to this day and Kayley was very tired...and a tiny bit crabby.

It was pretty cute. Whenever she threw the rose petals out of her basket she'd say, "Oh no!" and stop to pick them up. Needless to say that wasn't going to work so well during the actual ceremony so we were satisfied with Kayley just walking down the aisle and carrying her basket.

Being a flower girl is exhausting!

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Krystin said...

She looks absolutely adorable in that dress.
I'll have to do a blog where I put some pictures of her and I back to back from when I was that age. It's amazing how much she looks like me.